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Hello! My name is Maddy. I'm trying to recover from anorexia, self-harm, suicidal ideation and depression. I'll do my best not to be triggering, but there may be some posts anyway-- I will tag them with "TW".

Feel free to ask me anything, I'm here for you :)

Cut-free since April 27, 2013!
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healthyfitsme said: Calories make you fat ? OMG I always though they made you alive :O


That’s my general understanding as well :)

"You have my permission not to love me. I am a cathedral of deadbolts, and I would rather burn myself down than change any of the locks."
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"I’d rather be alive than thin. Thin, for me, was tired and flaky. My skin was dry, my hair falling out, no sleep, no energy, no motivation. My muscles were beginning to waste away and I said no to my body when it was screaming for nourishment… Thin was hell. Thin was doctors and lectures and an ocean of tears. Today, thin is still what half my mind wants, but the other half is stronger and says “you can recover. you can learn to live again.” I’ll take this life over being thin any day."
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Shoutout to the girls gettin chub rub but walking like your life isn’t falling apart because your inner thighs are on fire

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Manhattan at 6 a.m.
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