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Hello! My name is Maddy. I'm trying to recover from anorexia, self-harm, suicidal ideation and depression. I'll do my best not to be triggering, but there may be some posts anyway-- I will tag them with "TW".Feel free to ask me anything, I'm here for you :) Cut-free since April 27, 2013!

Happy Fuck Your ED Day!! I decided in order to celebrate I would face a couple of fear foods at lunch :) I had a cheeseburger (HUGE fear food, especially in the dining halls), fries, and a brownie. I felt incredibly guilty for it at the time but I pushed through it and managed to finish… and I’m actually kinda proud of myself for it. I also tried to draw the NEDA symbol on my wrist— a big step, because I am still ashamed of my disorder. And on top of all that, I texted a friend who also struggles with anorexia about today, and my text actually stopped her from abusing laxatives. :) So right now I’m feeling pretty damn good!

To everyone else reading this: Fuck your ED, tell it who’s boss!! You deserve so much than this misery!

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    This is amazing. As a struggling ED recoverer, this is completely inspirational. It sucks that the dining hall is like a...
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    AMAZING!! You are so so so strong! Been there- it’s tough but we’re ll in it together :)
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